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   4H & FFA Project Animals

Since 2019, we have bred 4H and FFA project pigs on our farm for communities in southern Oregon and northern California. Our hog genetics come out of award winning stock from top breeders located around the country and right here in Oregon. Please contact us for a private viewing in our facility, where you can interact with our pigs and select your favorite.  Ready to reserve your project hog?  Click the link below to place your deposit.


Litter 11523

Born January 15th, 2023. These piglets were born of Xena, our Hampshire, Yorkshire, Berkshire Cross, and Iconic Rogue, our Duroc Hampshire Cross.

Xena comes from Douglas County as the 3rd in class Crossbred Market Hog in 2021.

Iconic Rogue was born on our farm, out of Iconic Lessons by Pacific Coast Sires( the Reserve Grand Champion Boar at the OR State Fair 2019), and our sow Mama Gracie, a sweet sow from Brownsboro, near Eagle Point.

Visit our Piglet Deposit page here to reserve yours now!

 Litter 022723

 February 27, 2023. 


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