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Our Livestock

Sustainable Micro Ranching


   Our cows are raised and finished here on Oregon Rogue Farms. They spend approximately 70 to 80% of the time grazing on natural growing western facing pastures. Our cattle move from our ranch to local butchers after being grass raised for about 16-24 months.

    Since the beginning, our family is proud to be one of the 90% of American cattle ranches that are family-owned and operated.  Oregon Rogue Farms stands with progressive ranching families committed to humane livestock handling and sustainable production practices. We utilize a independent, third-party to verify our compliance with the Beef Quality Assurance program and its animal care requirements.

Since our founding in 2018 we have been focused on producing a consistent, high-quality, consumer-driven product and meeting the strictest standards for:

  • Animal health and welfare

  • Economic sustainability

  • Environmental stewardship

  • Food safety

  • Genetic requirements

  • Quality specifications


   Pigs are another thing that set Oregon Rogue Farms apart from others. From the very beginning we sought out champion genetics and prize winning pigs to start our own on-farm breeding program. Oregon Rogue Farms was able to acquire champion sows from Brownsboro Farm, and our boar, Iconic Rogue is the offspring of Iconic Lessons, an Oregon state runner up champion. Over the past years we have bred pigs for kids in the local 4H and the FFA programs in addition to supplying feeder piglets to numerous farms in Southern Oregon.

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